Youth Empowerment

An All New Generation by Bank of Beirut
Striving to achieve a deep and broad social impact by promoting awareness on various levels through a wide array of programs and initiatives, Bank of Beirut successfully hosted its first Alumni Meet-up under the umbrella of Generation Us. The Bank of Beirut’s Generation Us community gathers the Bank’s alumni with the aim to establish a long term connection with a valuable exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The gathering saw attendance of all Bank of Beirut’s former Alumni members that ecstatically enjoyed taking part to an in-depth encounter with a very special guest, the former Minister of Finance, Dr. Damianos Kattar. Attendees participated in fruitful discussions around hot topics where Dr. Kattar, shared with young professionals his experience in the field along with interesting insights on how to engage into critical thinking, brainstorm and accelerate value-creation potential, turn personal will into business endeavors, along with a discussion on career plans and orientations.

The meet up reaped great success while talks were engaged with Dr. Kattar around various topics. Bank of Beirut alumni expressed their gratitude for this chance to share their experiences and get answers to their many questions with valuable insights from Dr. Kattar.

Guided by the pillars of unity and change, with a goal of unlocking the Lebanese potential, Generation Us intends to be the country’s beacon for the creation of a progressive culture that allows everyone to execute a vision. Bank of Beirut always strives to stay in contact with its alumni and escort them in their success journey as they grow businesses and raise up in the business world. Last week’s gathering was a further demonstration of what’s yet to come, and a clear reflection of the instillation of a career driven mindset in the Lebanese society.