U for Youth stems from the passion that Bank of Beirut shares for investing in the youth of Lebanon.

Aware of the fact that our young generation needs an opportunity for the development of its potential to the fullest, we continuously seek to offer them the right learning chances and services by developing a full range of training activities aimed at encouraging them to effectively tap the job market.


It all started from here, with a special financial and educational bundle carefully designed to meet the needs of the youth when enrolling in universities. U for youth provides a space of expression for the youth whereby they can benefit from a medium for communication and a channel for opportunities. It is an interactive platform where they can find the advice they have always sought alongside professional experts in various fields. They can also meet, compete, relay, share, inform and get informed. And to top it all, they get the opportunity to win valuable prizes to finance their scholarships.

U for Youth is the platform built for and with the youth in an effort to assist them reach higher achievements.