Trainings and Awareness Sessions

Developing their capabilities and performance through targeted education and training.

AEDs at Bank of Beirut

In the purpose of being there for clients and colleagues especially in emergencies, Bank of Beirut took it to the next level. Sudden cardiac arrests may occur at any time among clients or employees, therefore Bank of Beirut installed AED’s in its main offices and equipped the Futsal Team with one for emergency use. And while they look for accuracy, a selected number of employees had a special dedicated training received a certificate from the American Heart Association as well.

Wellness Program (Medicals @ the Center)
A Wellness Program saw light in 2018, in a bid to promote a healthier work environment, lifestyle and increase work efficiency.

The program offers all kinds of medical services, which employees and their families can benefit from, such as free medical consultations, prescriptions renewal and blood collection at their convenience. Having a trustworthy medical team at hand has facilitated the lives of our employees, who now have less to worry about, and can have their medical appointments, diagnoses and medication faster and more accurate than ever.