Ongoing Trainings to BoB Employees
Revolutionizing the learning scene and empowering both internal and external communities, Bank of Beirut was the first to develop a proper and noteworthy Training Center. The Academy offers various courses to our colleagues and to university students, in a crucial move to ensure their academic growth and future success.

Along with the Bank’s digital transformation, The Academy has extended its services to e-learning courses, covering a wider selection of interesting topics. Employees are now able to improve their competencies and eventually, serve you better.

On average, more than 25,000 hours, divided into training (classroom and online) and testing hours were delivered to employees, under the form of 73 different courses, showing the importance of investing in our human capital.

Employee Achievements

Bank of Beirut takes pride in the effort colleagues put in themselves and their work, which has allowed them to reap several awards for their outstanding achievements, namely in the 2018 Tom Wayman Leadership Award, ABL/AML Online Compliance competition, and the ABL Information Security Online Competition, to name a few.