Sponsoring & Contributions

Bank of Beirut Supports HeartBeat
Contributing to making dreams of hundreds of children come true, Bank of Beirut was proud once again to support the Heartbeat association, by sponsoring its concert and annual fundraising gala dinner.

Held under the theme “Reach for the heart and make their dreams come true”, the 2019 edition of the Heartbeat Concert was held on April 12 till 14th.The event was an opportunity for Bank of Beirut to bring its full support to this Lebanese NGO whose mission is to treat children born with heart disease with funding coming from musical performances.
Bank of Beirut Runners Race for IDRAAC
More than 350 employees from Bank of Beirut branches and offices all over Lebanon gathered on Sunday November 11, for the 16th edition of the BLOM Beirut Marathon to run for IDRAAC, a Lebanese NGO dedicated to mental health.

Mobilized around the noble cause of IDRAAC, Bank of Beirut community aims by participating in the Marathon challenge at translating the Bank’s constant belief in giving back to the community.
Wissam Daibes
Bank of Beirut has within its staff a wide range of talented professional athletes, which has pushed us to take in charge sports sponsorships, with the purpose of empowering talented colleagues for local and international championships such as our Colleague and Lebanese Bodybuilding Champion, Wissam Daibes who has won for the 2nd consecutive year the Lebanese Bodybuilding Championship, and will represent Bank of Beirut and Lebanon in the World Championship!
Charbel Hallak
As part of its initiatives to empower talented youth in general, and its exceptional community in particular, Bank of Beirut was the main supporter of Charbel Hallak, the Lebanese Powerlifting champion, who was able to achieve outstanding victories in Asia and finish in 2nd place! Powerlifting is more than just a hobby for him, and Bank of Beirut is more than just a workplace.
Al Younbou3
Our colleagues are always keen to get personally involved via the Bank of Beirut social initiatives. Many devote their free time to good causes, whereby they donate their free time, expertise and special skills they have developed through both their personal and professional experiences.

Which is why we try to facilitate corporate volunteering by supporting social initiatives, such as Al Younbouh Walk, where our #BoBCommunity comes together and runs to raise funds in support of children and adults with mental disabilities and special needs.