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Bank of Beirut - CSR
Run Smarter Award
Bank of Beirut was awarded the Run Smarter Award from LaserFiche (Electronic Document Archiving System) for two consecutive years (2014 – 2015).

The Award Ceremony took place in Anaheim California, USA, celebrating the most ingenious and creative LaserFiche users from around the world, representing around 5,000 clients from multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies. With this award, Bank of Beirut was able to prove its leadership and innovative capabilities among top level local and international organizations. 
Tom Wayman Leadership Award The leading global provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software has awarded Bank of Beirut with the 2018 Tom Wayman Leadership Award.

The Bank was recognized for its ability to drive technology initiatives that position the organization for success in a highly regulated, rapidly changing industry. In the last four years, the IT Department at Bank of Beirut has pioneered the use of LaserFiche across 85 global branches.

By integrating LaserFiche into multiple systems and offices, key banking operations including validation, contract management and customer service were transformed. Under this strategy, the Bank has improved transaction times, enhanced document security and increased staff productivity by 60 percent. The Bank’s successful use of LaserFiche has also been recognized by the LaserFiche Run Smarter Awards.