Christmas - سوا تنزيد الخير


Christmas is not just a season; it is a time of magic that never ends. It’s a piece of one's home to carry in one's heart!
Christmas is the time of sending and receiving love, care, and blessings for everyone as we go together hand in hand. 
Merry Christmas from Bank of Beirut. 

4$ a Day


An awareness campaign launched with the UNDP to raise awareness around extreme poverty and how people live in minimal circumstances.

People remain Lebanon’s most important resource and through targeted support for the poorest and renewed efforts in increase economic growth, we can lift many of the most vulnerable out of poverty.

Take a minute to check out the video:

Do you think you can get through the day with 4 dollars?


Red Cross Blood Drive
A key partner and strong supporter of the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) humanitarian mission, Bank of Beirut organized a blood donation campaign in various regions across Lebanon. The first drive was on Thursday July 12th, 2018 in Downtown Beirut, where hundreds of donors from the capital and the neighboring areas responded to the Bank’s life-saving call. 

Through its blood donation initiative, Bank of Beirut aims at inspiring the Lebanese to take part in humanitarian and noble campaigns, which everyone is invited to join, and to assume their responsibility towards their community.

At the end of this long donation day, where 99 blood units have been collected, Bank of Beirut thanked the LRC for being present along with the Bank of Beirut team, as well as everyone who contributed to the success of this campaign, including the Bank’s staff and management, Downtown merchants and the personnel of the neighboring banks.

Bank of Beirut has once again proven that it is possible for an institution to combine professional excellence and humanitarian distinction, as we continuously look forward to remaining further involved in social causes and to improving the welfare of our citizens and that of humanity as a whole.
Growing up, we were taught to give, so we gave with no second thought, and it made us happy. As we grew, we gave less and we discovered that we received less. This year, we incited people to think of giving, and to give a lot, because whenever you give, you can make someone happy, and you will then feel happy. The good deed will always find its way back to you.

In the spirit of the Holy month of Ramadan, no stones were left unturned across Lebanon. Bank of Beirut, with the help of its own employees, have toured Lebanon in all its regions for a period of 3 weeks, where rations were distributed for individuals and families in need.

Distribution took place in front of Bank of Beirut branches, which saw an incredible collaboration between staff and residents, in what was a smooth and organized sequence of events, filled with emotion and gratitude from all those involved.