Helping Hands

Our team members have partnered on several occasions to gather donations and assist those in need. Our employees' personal involvement drives social development and improves the quality of life for disadvantaged people, while, at the same time, it motivates employees and fosters a culture of understanding in the workplace. We are only too happy to encourage this!

Donations made to local and international Associations and Organizations (CCCL Donations, personal initiatives)
We encourage our employees to pursue their philanthropic spirit. For example, we have partnered with The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), where interested employees can enroll in the Partner in Life (PIL) program that automatically deducts affordable monthly donations from employees’ payrolls. 

So far, our employees were able to raise over LBP 112,000,000 in a little bit over 12 months, helping the children get the treatment they need, giving them a new chance to take on life, which is as precious as they are.